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Before and after Humanism (Medieval vs. Modern World)Edit

Medieval World ~500 - 1500 Modern World 1500-Present

* Low Urbanization (People live mostly on manors in the countryside. 

*Occupation (and life) mostly determined by birth...because that's how God wanted it.

*Highly Superstitious, Religious based understanding of the world around them.

*Steady rise in Urbanization (Increase in the size of cities and towns)

*Occupation is mostly chosen based on skill, preference (sort of), education, but NOT "destiny"

*Increase in rational and secular thinking and scientific explanations of the world.

Why did the Protestant Reformation Happen?Edit

Christian Humanism Printing Press Church Corruption


*Christian Humanism dramatically contrasted with Church Corruption

*More copies of the Bible *More complete copies of the Bible

*More vernacular Bibles (Non-Latin/Everyday Language)

*Allows for the distribution of Protestant Pamphlets explaining their beliefs

*The Clergy started abusing their power to make money, or to get more power. This made people angry >:-(

*Abuse of Indulgences made people question the authority and morality of the Church

*Simony resulted in children of powerful and wealthy people getting important church jobs instead of pious clergy being promoted.

*People are angry at the Church and doubt its authority.