1.       How did the following change the balance of power in Europe?

a.       The Crimean War

b.      Italian Unification

c.       German Unification

2.       What steps did Bismarck take to unify Germany?

3.       What major changes occurred in each of the following places:

a.       Great Britain
* More male voters (Middle Class) (Increased Suffrage)
*Strengthen their economy Industrialization

  • Increase in the power of Parliament
  • Golden age known as the Victorian Age

b.      France
*Napoleon III create the 2nd
*Uses a Plebiscite to confirm himself as Emperor
*Introduces Universal Male Suffrage
(All Men over 21 can vote)
*Improves the Economy, Rebuilds Paris
*Takes all government power
*French Empire ends after the Franco-Prussian War

c.       Austria-Hungary
* Nationalism causes problems in Hungary
*Government Compromise àDual Monarchy
*1 Empire, 1 Monarch, 2 Countries, 2 Governments,
2 Capitals
*Austria and Hungary are semi-independent

d.      Russia

e.      The United States

4.       Which nations were able to create their own states?  Which nations failed?  Were there any “States” that had more than one “Nation” inside of them?