What are some major reasons that lead to countries going to war?

·         “War is continuation of diplomacy through other means”

·         “War is an attempt to impose one nations will on another”

·         Money or Resources

·         Desire to spread/limit political beliefs OR religious beliefs

·         God, Gold, Glory (Especially in pre-revolutionary France)

o   Religion (and Political/Government philosophies), Resources, Respect

What are some strengths and weaknesses of the following forms of government? (Provide an example of each)

·         Constitutional Monarchy

o   Advantages

§  Monarch doesn’t have total power (Limits Tyranny)

§  Always an experienced king to balance new elected officials

o   Disadvantages

§  Conflicts between the Monarch and Legislative Group (Parliament, Assembly) can keep work from getting done
or lead to more dramatic problems like war.

§  Some people think Kings are bad

·         Absolute Monarchy

o   Advantages

§  Can make decisions quickly and get things done without

o   Disadvantages

§  Easy for the King to abuse his power and become a Tyrant

§  People have no official say in government

·         Democratic Republic (The United States, France)

o   Advantages

§  People (and their views) are represented and heard

§  Very difficult to end up with Tyranny

§  Majority of people should get what they want

o   Disadvantages

§  Sometimes different branches don’t work well together
and nothing gets done

§  Views can shift very quickly

In some cases disagreements lead to violence and purges (executions of enemies in government)